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My name is Tawanna Gray-Gomez. I am a veteran Early Childhood/Elementary Education Educator with over 23 plus years teaching experience in the state of Alabama. During my professional career I have had the pleasure of working with K, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students. As a highly qualified professional, I find great joy in working with children in the elementary stage of development. As an educator, my primary focus is to meet the needs of my students. I use a variety of instructional strategies, methods, and approaches to teach my students.  I believe using a variety of instructional approaches will guide and challenge students to become lifelong learners. It is my belief that parents, teachers, and students working together as a team will enhance student achievement. Therefore, I deliver explicit instructions that allow my students to achieve success. Teaching is a career that I find very rewarding. It is my belief that each child is endowed with his or her own individual capacities and characteristics, and that schools, to the best of their abilities should provide each child with the kind of education best fitted for him or her as an individual. I further believe that schools should try to provide children with the opportunities to make choices. In order to produce successful students, we as educators must provide resources that will build academic success. Finally, I believe those involved in education must make every effort to meet the needs of all students.