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Our mission is to provide an environment that is conducive to learning. It is our mission to provide students with rich educational experiences that are facilitated through nurturing, while encouraging students to be good productive citizens.

We believe that all.......

Students have the right to an environment that is safe and drug free.

Students will have a curriculum that is challenging and developmentally appropriate that will yield high expectations of all students morally and academically.

Students' ability should be nurtured to enhance their self-worth, self development, and academic skills.

Students should gain valuable educational experiences that are applicable to everyday life.

Students will have an opportunity to have their academic achievement monitored by a variety of assessments and evaluations.

Students have a right to be exposed to an environment that facilitates parents, teachers, and the community collaborating to improve the quality of education for children.

Students should be taught and led by staff teachers and administrators who value and participate in professional development.

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